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Welcome to the blog of Kit Sirius

Welcome To Middle Way Alchemy!

Greetings and welcome to my blog, a place where I hope to answer questions regarding the schools curriculum and elaborate on Middle Way Alchemy's principles.

If you are reading this blog in 2014 then you are seeing Middle Way Alchemy in its raw and early stages. While its curriculum is highly developed and its efficacy easily verified the presentation of Middle Way Alchemy's curriculum in the form of an interactive website is 100% new. This being the case I am greatly interested in what areas of the schools curriculum you as a new student feel are in need of further explanation and what new content you would like to see. The content you see already uploaded throughout the school is simply Middle Way Alchemy's core curriculum. There is a great deal more information available and it is my hope that new students will provide me with feedback regarding what they require for their practice so I can choose the most relevant areas to address in the next set of content updates. 

I sincerely look forward to interacting with the schools new students and doing my best to help you in your practice. As you explore the school and start to formulate questions, don't hesitate to ask me for help, its part of the reason this social network exists. You can ask me questions directly via my profile here on Middle Way Alchemists and you can provide suggestions for new content in the group "What Would You Like To See?".

May your time in this school be fruitful and the light of the source shine upon you.

- Kit Sirius...